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2020 NFL Draft Watch Party

Yes, we’re watching a Zoom conference call for three hours, mother.

NFL Draft
No touching!
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Let’s do this together... separately. Trust me, I get how weird this all is. Let’s not focus on that, though, as the NFL Draft is our ONLY sports related distraction likely for quite some time.

As such, let’s just enjoy it. Post guesses at who is about to be picked in the comments (but don’t spoil it with sportswriters announcing who the pick will be 2 minutes before via the Twatters). Rip Dave Gettleman for inevitably Gettlemanning it up—both by not having his camera or microphone on in the Zoom meeting, and reaching for whomever this year’s Daniel Jones will be. Boo Donovan McNabb for not being Ricky Williams. Analyze the fit—from excellent to horrendous—of these players with the teams who choose them. Talk about who is inexplicably falling for being seen smoking a gas mask bong 30 minutes before the draft started. Photoshop ridiculous suits onto players ala Jalen Rose’s pimp-ass red suit and Ezekiel Elliot’s disturbing trailer park halter top that you know these players would be wearing. Scream, “Should have taken Ke’Shawn!” ad infinitum. The conversation possibilities are endless!

In all honesty, the least horrible thing about this lockdown has been talking with you guys in the comments. Get your party liquors ready and let’s do this right.

Check out our AoG Mock Draft posted earlier in the week.

The Bengals of Cin City are on the clock.