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Anchor Drop, April 20, 2020: 40 Days Without Sports

Yep, we’ve gone an entire Lent without sports.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 11 SEC Tournament - Arkansas v Vanderilt Photo by Matthew Maxey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning.

Well, it’s official: we’ve now gone 40 days without any sports of any kind. So if this were Lent, we’d be done by now.

But we do have... sports news!

First: Oklahoma State’s Tyrell Alexander, who’s played both wide receiver and defensive back for the Cowboys, is coming to Vanderbilt to finish his college career. I’m assuming he’s a graduate transfer who will be immediately eligible. (I won’t say in the fall because, well...)

Meanwhile, in Proof That NFL Teams Don’t Care As Long As You’re 6’6”/225:

And finally, Terion “Tank” Sugick, a defensive lineman from Fort Washington, Maryland, is announcing his commitment at noon CT today. His three finalists are Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, and NC State.

What’s On TV today?

ESPNU is showing the LSU game from last season at 11 AM. No, we’re not having a live thread for that one, because why the fuck would you want to watch that?

(Though, an announcement: after watching the first two parts of the 10-part ESPN series The Last Dance, the remaining parts will have live threads every Sunday night at 8 PM.)

ESPN Classic is showing old baseball games all day. ESPN2 is replaying the 1989 NFL Draft at 7:00 PM CT. Nothing super interesting on the SEC Network, just some blah football games (Kentucky-Georgia and Oklahoma-LSU from last season), and an SEC Featured: Draft Special at 1 PM.

Random Vanderbilt YouTube Game of the Day

They’re not always going to be this fun, because at a certain point you just run out of good games for Vanderbilt that are uploaded to YouTube. (For instance, I’ve found basically every game against UT going back to 1982 on YouTube, except for 2005 and 2012, because I don’t know why the UT fan who uploads all those videos didn’t bother to upload those.) But the Random YouTube game today is the 2008 football game against South Carolina. Have fun.