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Vanderbilt Basketball Player Review: Drew Weikert

I swear I will finish these

NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Weikert had his moment.

Weikert, who prepped at nearby Montgomery Bell Academy and appeared in two games for Division III Centre College, joined the Vanderbilt team as a walk-on in the fall and somehow ended up playing more minutes for Vanderbilt than he did for Centre.

And Weikert delivered. At the end of the first half against Georgia, Weikert intercepted a lazy pass by a Georgia player and took it in to the basket for his first career points. He’d score two more points in the Missouri game, making his total for the season... four points. But in ten minutes of action, that’s a nice rate.

Anyway, sadly, I cannot find video evidence of Weikert’s steal and buzzer-beating layup, in spite of plenty of evidence of Anthony Edwards dunking on Braelee Albert in the same game — something that Twitter went nuts about. In other news, Twitter is dumb, and we should all appreciate the real heroes of college basketball.

Grade: A+. Just for that one moment.