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This is insane.

Sports media is a constant buzzkill now.

Vanderbilt v Middle Tennessee Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

It’s finally happening. I have snapped.

(Average AoG Reader: But Tom, you snapped a long time ago.I

And while yes, you are correct in that assessment, something about today finally did it.

Perhaps it was logging on to Twitter and seeing this:

Yeah, it’s too early for that.

But the insanity comes from the part where literally nobody can give a straight answer as to when sports will be back. And before you get onto me about how there are more important things right now, I write a sports blog, and of course watching sports was a significant part of my life. (I can’t guarantee that it still would be if they cancel a season. Maybe I’ll find another hobby.)

Meanwhile, the NCAA has, compared to the Big Four professional sports leagues, an absolutely inane insistence of only having (last I checked) 63 NCAA Tournament games, total, available to stream on its YouTube channel. The Big Four have opened up their streaming services to everybody while sports are on hold; ESPN, meanwhile, insists that you should only be allowed to replay content from the last 30 days. That’s going to be very strange in a few days when “content from the last 30 days” consists of literally nothing.

So, this is my post to vent about how literally insane this is. We all need the fun diversion right now, and unfortunately, we’re not getting it.