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Beer Goggles: Best Bourbon Value

The Roses are Blooming

When you take a couple decades off, you have to have a low price point to regain market share. There is a global thirst for bourbon, the stuff that can only be distilled and aged in Kentucky, yet one of the oldest, best tasting bourbons is also one of the cheapest.

Distillery: Four Roses

Bourbon: Four Roses (Formerly Yellow Label)

ABV/Proof: 40%, 80 Proof

It’s got hits of floral and fruit, but it’s crisp, mellow, and smooth. It’s won five gold medals for best bourbon in the past six years.

Do you like College Football? Do you like bourbon? Do you like College Football and bourbon at the same time, preferably in an iced down Yeti tumbler? This is the bourbon for you.

It’s easy drinking, tasty, pairs well with Coca Cola Classic, Zero, and Ginger Ale. It’s also delightful straight.

Four Roses (previous Four Roses: Yellow Label) was a best-selling bourbon for three decades, but the Seagram Company discontinued it in the 60’s. By the early 90’s, they began distilling the bourbon based on an original recipe, and in 2002, the Kirin Brewing Company,a Japanese brand, bought the distillery.

Kirin reintroduced the original recipe back to the public at a price point around $14. To paraphrase Jackie Chiles, “it’s real, and it’s spectacular.” It is the best tasting bourbon for the price.

Look, I like Jim Beam, but it is like the Bud Light of bourbon. Bulleit is too expensive, and I’m not paying for Woodford. So if I am buying a bottle and don’t want to spend the money for a high end guzzling sipping bourbon, I’m going Four Roses.