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Zombie Game Thread: The WoodyBowl

Have fun, expect to win.

Steelers Woody Widenhofer Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

At 4:30 PM today, the SEC Network is re-airing the 2019 game between Vanderbilt and Missouri. We can only assume that this is being done as a tribute to Woody Widenhofer, who coached both Vanderbilt and Missouri and won 27 games in nine seasons between the two.

To set the stage for this: Vanderbilt was coming off a 34-10 loss to UNLV at home and would send walk-on third-string quarterback Mo Hasan out to get his first career start against the Tigers. Oh, you just knew this would go extremely well, because why wouldn’t it?

Anyway: have fun, expect to win.

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