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Live from Hooverville SEC Finals Game Thread: Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss

Suck my balls, Covid-19 quarantine! We’ll do it live! Raby vs. Phillips for the SEC Tourney Title! 7:30pm CT SEC Network.

Dweller in Circleville’s Hooverville, 1938 Photo by: Photo12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

*Note: Posted below is exactly what we posted on May 26th. It is May 26th 2019, our team just beat the ever-loving tar out of LSU and is in the conference Finals... and none of you can convince me otherwise.

Yesterday was fun. Bleday, Paul, and Duvall went yard. Kumar took us to White Castle with five innings of one run ball. We flirted with the run rule, but decided to let the corn dogs (hat tip to Tulane Twitter for that one) score a few because we felt bad for them. The Whistler made a damned spectacle of himself, but like our offense, was an unstoppable force laying waste to all comers.

All good things.

Beyond that, we are perfectly set up for Championship Sunday, as we have our Sunday Starter—and all time Vanderbilt wins record holder—Patrick “Mad Dog” Raby (9-1, 2.67 ERA) on the mound, and a bullpen with all pitchers but Hugh “Big Fish” Fisher rested and ready.

As for Ole Miss’s pitching situation, here’s what ESPN has to say about it.

In short, they are about in the same situation LSU was in yesterday. They had to play on the first day, and then claw through the loser’s bracket. They have played 5 games this week; we have played 3. Their closer, Parker “Wild And” Caracci, has already pitched three times in Hoover, so we have to assume he won’t be available. Will they go back to Tuesday’s starter, Will “Come to my Window” Ethridge (2-6, 3.73 ERA), on short rest? Will they go Johnny Wholestaff with a pen filled with tired arms? Will they just let Ryan Olenek pitch, play 3rd base, and CF at the same time?

We’re 30 minutes from game time and I’m not even sure Mike Bianco knows the answer.

Strap yourselves in. This game’s for bragging rights in the best conference in the land. We have outscored our opponents 25-5 thus far, and have shown no signs of letting up.

Mad Dog, work fast and throw strikes. Offense, continue to come in waves. Defense, stay solid.

...and anchor the fuck down.