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SEC Network Vanderbilt Day Schedule

It’s not exactly the SEC Network Takeover... but it’s a day of Vanderbilt stuff, so.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday, March 29, has officially been designated as “Vanderbilt Day” by the SEC Network, and, well... I think they must have told us we could only show games from the past year.

Anyway, this is going to start at 11:00 PM CT tonight and here’s the schedule.

11:00 PM CT Saturday: Northern Illinois at Vanderbilt, Football. I mean, this is the dead giveaway that the SEC Network told us “only show things from the past year,” because what the hell was memorable about this game? I remember this game as the moment where, after an 0-3 start against good competition, I had my “holy shit this team is actually terrible” moment. (That would subsequently be confirmed over the next two weeks as Vanderbilt lost to Ole Miss and UNLV by a combined score of 65-16, but I digress.)

2:00 AM CT: ETSU at Vanderbilt, Football. Yep, in case you really wanted to watch this again.

5:00 AM CT: Vanderbilt vs. LSU, SEC Tournament Semifinal, Baseball. Okay, now we’re cooking gas. This was also the game in which LSU fans tried to get The Whistler kicked out of Hoover, which is a side bonus of this game.

8:00 AM CT: SEC Storied: By Grantland Rice. I haven’t watched this, but I assume it’s a tribute to the greatest sportswriter not named Skip Bayless ever to graduate from Vanderbilt.

9:00 AM CT: Ole Miss at Vanderbilt, Women’s Basketball. Did they tell us we had to include a women’s basketball game? If so, why put this in an hour when people are actually awake?

11:00 AM CT: Homecoming with Willie Geist. Sure.

11:30 AM CT: Auburn vs. Vanderbilt, Baseball. I don’t know which game against Auburn this is but... yay baseball!

2:00 PM CT: LSU at Vanderbilt, Basketball. This was the game where we ended the longest SEC losing streak in history, and was actually a good game, so... well played.

4:00 PM CT: SEC Inside: Vanderbilt Basketball. Okay.

4:30 PM CT: Missourah at Vanderbilt, Football. You can literally watch all three football games that Vanderbilt won last season.

7:30 PM CT: Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt, SEC Tournament Championship, Baseball. Hell yeah.

10:30 PM CT: SEC Inside: Baseball Championship. All right, I guess this is the end.

Have fun, everybody. Anchor Down.

*Note: Andrew VU ‘04 will run live game threads for the three baseball games, so join those at 5am, 11:30am, and 7:30pm respectively to live comment on the games.

**Bonus note: Tom is also running live threads for everything else because fuck it, those of you watching Vanderbilt-ETSU at 2 AM need a support group.