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Beer Goggles: COVID-19 Edition

Beer Goggles has returned to try and kill the virus by drinking heavily Not Actual Medical Advice

Florida Holds Presidential Primary Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Photo by Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Guess what time it is! It’s Beer Goggles triumphant return! Listen, you’re trapped at home in some sort of self quarantine, social distancing and pretending that you really want to be at work or hanging out with other people.

But in reality, you are binging tv shows, pounding beverages, and living a version of adult Spring Break you never thought you’d get.

Now, it’s VERY important to know that COVID-19 is real and you need to do your part in not spreading it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun (and poke a little fun) at the new scenario we find ourselves in.

So get ready for a malted hop frenzy. Here are three Tennessee based beers to get you through the next couple weeks.

Beer: Thunder Ann

Brewery: Jackalope Brewing Co.

ABV,IBUs: 5.5%, 37

Named for Davy Crockett’s fictional wife, Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett, this American Pale Ale will give you the tropical hops you desire but in the honey and biscuit malts that makes it feel homespun. So it’s like this virus- it may not have started where you live, but it’ll come home to roost. Here’s to you feeling flu-like from too many of these bad ladies and not said coronavirus.

Beer: 1927 IPA

Brewery: Tennessee Brew Works

ABV,IBUs: 7.5%, 70

“Juicy. Citrusy. Dank. Need we say more?” TBW’s site asks. NO! We respond, but we’ll take more. This IPA is in honor of the 1927 Britsol studio sessions where the birth of modern country music starts, but a 1918 edition would be more appropriate for this time, as it was the last time a massive flu like pandemic swept through the United States, specifically Philadelphia.

Beer: Homestyle

Brewery: Bearded Iris

ABV,IBUs: 6%, 0

This is an oated IPA brewed intensely and singularly with Mosaic hops. Oh boy. Yes, and yes! It beckons you with the warmth of home, but kicks in a citrusy flavor that puts the zing and in your zang zang. Which is just the right amount of zing you’ll need as your zang zang is hanging out in your home, probably home schooling while holding ZOOM video conferences. Is it okay to drink on the job, when you’re actually not at your job? Asking for a friend.