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Anchor Drop, March 15, 2020: Sports Are Cancelled, Day 3

Your daily update on the Coronavirus panic and the lack of sports.

Precautionary Measures against the Coronavirus Being Taken at the Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo Photo by Rodrigo Paiva/Getty Images

Good morning.

Coronavirus Panic Update

Let’s start with the most fabulous public service announcement possible.

So, let’s see how that whole “social distancing” thing is going and ... oh.


Have you learned nothing from Anchor of Gold dot com? You can socially distance yourself here quite easily.

I will choose my words carefully here, but if we were going to do, well, this, why did sports have to be cancelled?

This is exactly the kind of news that you should dump while everyone is distracted by the Coronavirus.

(Also, is that picture of Rick Pitino fifteen years old?)

Are sports on today?

Hell yeah, Liga MX has you covered. Toluca vs. Club Atlas at 12:30 PM. Santos Laguna vs. Necaxa at 6:30. Both on ESPN Deportes. Do you even know anything about Liga MX? No! Do you care? No!

Your Random Vanderbilt Game On YouTube

Today would be the final of the SEC Tournament, so here you go: the 2012 SEC Tournament final. Enjoy