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BREAKING: The NCAA is cancelled

Vanderbilt baseball will not get the chance to defend its national title.

NCAA Announces Corrective and Punitive Measures for Penn State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

And that’s that.

March Madness seemed like a fait accompli, what with literally every conference tournament this week getting cancelled. But the NCAA went a step further and announced this afternoon that all remaining winter and spring sports championships are cancelled as well. Presumably that includes the College World Series, meaning that Vanderbilt officially won’t be able to defend its 2019 national championship.

It would appear, then, that that “March 30” thing that the SEC said earlier today is now pre-empted by the NCAA saying that everything is cancelled. Logistically, this seemed fairly likely considering that most colleges and universities around the country have sent students home for the semester. Getting all the athletes back on campus and getting the season started back up would have been an extreme undertaking.

Thanks, COVID-19. You win.