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Matthew Moyer, Oton Jankovic enter the NCAA Transfer Portal

The NCAA Transfer Portal: the only part of college sports that hasn’t been shut down, apparently.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Vanderbilt vs Arkansas Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, college sports is shut down.

But for some reason the NCAA Transfer Portal is open.

Neither of these losses, on the surface, are terribly surprising. Matthew Moyer played in 25 games this season, starting one, and averaged 12.2 minutes per game, 2 ppg, and 2.2 rpg. His season ended early after he dislocated his shoulder in a loss at Florida, and since he’s eligible immediately wherever he goes (which in this day and age usually seems to be taken as an open invitation to transfer), this isn’t a surprise.

Oton Jankovic appeared in 21 games and averaged 6.2 minutes per game, and scored 16 points all season — though he did set his season high with five points at Alabama in the last week of the regular season, and his playing time seemed to pick up at the end of the year.

Seriously, though — why the hell are we hearing news about the freaking transfer portal right now?