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Anchor Drop, March 10, 2020: Vanderbilt Cancels Class

I leave for a few days and the world is about to end.

Vanderbilt Commodores Photo by Vanderbilt/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Good morning.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re cancelling school.

So, to recap: I leave for a few days (to visit family in Tennessee, ironically), and now the world is about to ened?

What happened, it appears, is that a Vanderbilt student (who, ironically, is the editorial director of the Hustler) went to Barcelona over spring break with a group of other Vanderbilt students, came home, and then tested positive for COVID-19. While that student had gone home after returning from Barcelona, some of the students he was traveling with had already returned to campus.

As a result, the university is now suspending all in-person classes through at least March 30 and holding classes online. In addition, all non-athletic university events and student gatherings are cancelled until the end of the semester.

So far, athletics is not affected, but we’re waiting for further updates. Meanwhile, two miles away from campus, the SEC Tournament will be held this week in front of close to 20,000 fans. Yes, Vanderbilt will be participating.