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Jerry Stackhouse ejected in 84-66 loss at Florida

Stackhouse was 100 percent justified, by the way.

NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Florida Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

From the jump, this simply wasn’t the Vanderbilt Commodores’ night. On a night when Florida named the court at Exactech Arena for former coach Billy Donovan, Vanderbilt obliged in making the night all about the Gators, scoring five points in the first eight minutes and, after briefly closing the gap to 17-11, letting Florida go on a 17-2 run that effectively ended the game. Vanderbilt never mounted a threat after that.

And yet, somehow, Jerry Stackhouse may have won over some of the holdouts in the fan base. Not because of the team’s performance on the floor, mind you, but because of the fire directed at the referees. Late in the first half, Matthew Moyer went up for a shot; Florida’s Scottie Lewis went up to challenge the shot and came down hard on Moyer. Moyer landed in a heap with an apparent dislocated shoulder, and somehow the referees did not deem this worthy of a foul call.

With Moyer being tended to on the baseline, Stackhouse got livid with the referees and earned two technicals — justifiably, we might add. The contrast with the previous coach was obvious:

Stackhouse watched the second half from the locker room while David Grace coached the rest of the way, not that the second half was eventful. Vanderbilt did manage to make the final score a respectable 84-66, with Saben Lee finishing with 23 points.