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Vanderbilt Football Scholarship Chart: Updated, Post-Signing Day

A look at the roster Vanderbilt could field heading into the 2020 season.

NCAA Football: East Tennessee State at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

There are two developments reflected on the latest iteration of Vanderbilt football’s scholarship chart.

One, I’ve added the signees from Wednesday. Will Sheppard was expected; Donovan Kaufman seemed to be wavering back in December, but ultimately signed. And there are two new additions: Danny Clark and defensive lineman Raashaan WIlkins. I’m not actually sure what year Wilkins is, but as he’s a JUCO transfer who apparently started his career at Division III Wisconsin-Stevens Point, he’s listed as a junior here. I’ve also added transfers Alex Williams and Stephen Spanellis, from Ohio State and Michigan, respectively.

The second update comes from the official roster, which appears to have been updated within the last week, though it doesn’t include the three early enrollees (Ken Seals, Jeremy Moussa, and Bradley Ashmore.) We’ve also removed a few players from the roster as well. Some, like the entire quarterback room and Devin Cochran, were already known. The rest are mostly the guys you’d expect: fourth-year juniors who weren’t playing much and are probably just moving on with their lives.

Anyway — as of this writing, Vanderbilt has 84 players on scholarship, one below the NCAA limit of 85. (Punter Harrison Smith isn’t listed, as he came in as a walk-on and hasn’t been put on scholarship as far as I know.)

Scholarship Chart

Position Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Total
Position Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Total
QB Ken Seals Jeremy Moussa* Danny Clark* 4
Mike Wright
RB Rocko Griffin Keyon Brooks Jamauri Wakefield* 5
JR Tran-Reno* Ja'Veon Marlow*
WR Devin Boddie Jr.* Amir Abdur-Rahman* C.J. Bolar Chris Pierce 10
Jayden Harrison* Cam Johnson* James Bostic Jr.* Jackson Winrow
Logan Kyle
Will Sheppard
TE Justin Ball* Ben Bresnahan* 5
Joel DeCoursey* Gavin Schoenwald*
Diego LaMonica
OL Bradley Ashmore Dan Dawkins* Bryce Bailey* Cole Clemens 15
Brayden Bapst* Tyler Steen* Jonah Buchanan* Stephen Spanellis*
Jason Brooks Grant Miller*
Ben Cox Jonathan Stewart*
Don Fitzgerald*
Julian Hernandez*
Kevo Wesley
DL Nate Clifton* Daevion Davis Rutger Reitmaier* Drew Birchmeier* 13
Derek Green* Malik Langham* Raashaan Wilkins Brandon Maddox
Christian James* Lorenza Surgers* Dayo Odeyingbo
Alex Williams* Cameron Tidd*
LB Ethan Barr Elijah McAllister* Feleti Afemui* Kenny Hebert* 12
Griffin Lampton Alston Orji* Colin Anderson* Andre Mintze*
De'Rickey Wright Brayden DeVault-Smith*
Dimitri Moore*
Michael Owusu*
DB Justin Harris* BJ Anderson* Allan George* Frank Coppet* 17
Gabe Jeudy* Tre' Douglas* Randall Haynie* Tae Daley
Chase Lloyd Brendon Harris* Max Worship Elijah Hamilton*
Donovan Kaufman Dashaun Jerkins* DC Williams*
Jaylen Mahoney
Anfernee Orji
K Javan Rice* 1
P Jared Wheatley* 1
LS Wesley Schelling 1
Totals 30 22 17 15 84