Whiskey Goggles: Bourbon Day Edition

The end of November and beginning of December in Nashville means one thing! No, not the dull persistent sadness that is another losing record for Vanderbilt, or the dull persistent sadness that is the 40-degree rainy weather.

What I'm talking about will help with both of those things: Bourbon Day!

If you're like me and don't value your liver, then you get friendly with your local liquor store GM and find out when their deliveries come in, because that means you can be first in line to get their allocation. Or you drive by several times a week for months to stake out when the delivery truck is in the parking lot.

For those not in the know, allocation is what distributors give each store in regards to rare items. In this case, it's bourbon. Go read Pappyland if you want to get into the nitty gritty of the Bourbon Boom details (or have an existential crisis about the path you've chosen in life), but in short, about 15 years ago Pappy Van Winkle scored one of, if not the highest ever, scores for bourbon according to the people who score those things and print about it.

Since, connoisseurs have sought out the limited supply of Pappy and anything that might have a similar mashbill (the ingredients and distilling process). Think Colonel Taylor, Buffalo Trace, Weller. But also, this boom brought in new fans who started snapping up "rare" bourbons (the air quotes are to indicate that they aren't special or good bourbons, just less produced so people feel fancy about having them).

Nonetheless, this past couple weeks has been a big one for my alcohol tolerance and hard on my billfold.

I've run into some Willet Rye, Blantons, Maker's Mark Special Select, and Buffalo Trace Barrel Select.The Willet Rye is delicious with just enough bite. The Blantons is oh so smooth it's not fair. The MM is a winter edition just for a local store that starts smooth and ends with a spice, and the Buffalo Trace is knock your socks off strong (it's barrel strength too), but just about as easy drinking as that fourth beer on a summer afternoon.

I've also cracked open my Bookers. Let's talk about that. I like my bourbons to bite back, or at least I thought I did. This stuff, "The Kentucky Chew," is like what I suspect people feel like when they take a swig from their spitter instead of their Coca Cola. It's thicWhiskey Goggles: Bourbon Day Editionk, gnarly, viscous, and kinda punches you in the mouth.

I might have a different palette now, or maybe I just don't have the cojones for Bookers.

Good catching up. Remember, you won't find the answers to Vandy football (or a new Head Coach) at the bottom of a bourbon bottle. But then again, you won't know unless you drink it all.

Oh, and I think it should be Tony Elliot.

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