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Our roster is more challenged than anyone else in the SEC

Oh, hey, straight from the source.

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt Commodores football coach Derek Mason addressed the media at his weekly press conference Tuesday, which I’m back to recapping because I hate myself.

  • ESPN3 actually came on before Mason did, and we get to hear the press chattering with each other at the start. Can’t see anyone but you can always tell when Adam Sparks is talking about his documents folder.
  • Mason starts by talking about Election Day. Players did an excellent job with BSAC/SAC voter registration in the stadium. Mason isn’t into who people are voting for, but wants everyone to exercise their right to vote.
  • Monday was a good work day for us, though the players are off today (as is everyone due to NCAA mandate.)
  • We got the greater part of our secondary back between Tuesday and Thursday last week. (Willing to admit that a bunch of defensive backs being out of practice for two weeks might have had something to do with the performance on Saturday.)
  • Chris Lee asks about the differences between the A&M game for the defense and the performances since. “Availability of the roster,” well, I guess that’s probably the correct answer. Football’s about rhythm, timing, cohesiveness, and the ability to trust one another.
  • “No excuses, we’re not gonna make them.”
  • Whatever you did to tweak the progressions with Ken (Seals) seemed to work. “Ken’s coachable.” Changes in protection led to only giving up one sack, also about getting the ball out of his hands. Moving the pocket. Used different types of protections, play action. Spacing of throws, spacing of receivers. Cam Johnson had 14 catches. We know he’s a pretty accurate quarterback.
  • Is the Air Raid Mike Leach runs now the same as at Washington State? “It’s very similar.”
  • What do you think biggest differences between Leach’s Air Raid and the Ole Miss offense? They’re both different kinds of Air Raid. Lane was purely Air Raid with Kendal Briles at Florida Atlantic. They have similarities. (I would point out that Mississippi State doesn’t have Elijah Moore.) Lane had a ground game that he was going to stick with.
  • What is Donovan Kaufman’s status? Out for the season with a medical-related issue.
  • Ja’Veon Marlow: suspended for violation of team rules, will not be with the team this week but will be back.
  • Drew Birchmeier: not on depth chart, may be available this week but we’ll find out this afternoon.
  • How do you feel about safety with Donovan Kaufman out? (I totally misunderstood this question and thought we were talking about Kaufman’s safety at first.) Next man up is Brendon Harris, we also have De’Rickey Wright and Chase Lloyd is back as well.
  • “Our roster is more challenged than any other roster in the SEC.” Take from that what you will.
  • Donovan Kaufman will be back next season.
  • We interrupt this to present this:
  • There’s some breaking news around Alston and/or Anfernee Orji, apparently. I didn’t really catch it.
  • Get out and vote. Anchor Down.