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Anchor Drop, November 3, 2020: Election Day Edition

Donovan Kaufman is apparently out for the season.

Michigan Voters Line Up At The Polls On The Last Day Of Early Voting Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Today’s Election Day, so go out and vote if you haven’t already. This is your obligatory reminder to go vote.

Vanderbilt released its pregame notes for the Mississippi State game. and I’m just going to point out some notable changes on the depth chart (rather than writing a separate post.) Michael Owusu is now listed ahead of Kenny Hebert (who’s been quiet this season) at one of the outside linebacker spots, and Daevion Davis is, finally, listed as a starter at defensive tackle — with Cameron Tidd nowhere to be seen on the depth chart. Oh, yeah, and Harrison Smith is listed as the starting punter again — but the backup holder, somehow.

And, Donovan Kaufman is out for the season, according to Vanderbilt sideline reporter Kevin Ingram. That came out on the Anchor Down podcast yesterday. VandySports has its weekly podcast with Mitch Light up. And, in addition to his weekly interview with Derek Mason, Joe Fisher had Walker Buehler on the Commodore Hour last night.

Actual Sports on TV

I can’t find anything. Go watch Election Night coverage, I guess.