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REPORT: Vanderbilt withdraws from Legends Classic

The hits, they keep coming today.

NCAA Basketball: Valparaiso at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Because we needed more news today:

Vanderbilt opened its season with a win over Valparaiso on Friday, and was scheduled to travel to Connecticut on Tuesday for its opening game of the Legends Classic against UConn, but now reportedly is out — though there hasn’t been a release from Vanderbilt, nor has the event been taken off the basketball team’s schedule.

But before you jump to any conclusions, here’s something noteworthy:

UConn played Hartford on Friday, but doesn’t have another game listed on its schedule until a December 11 game against St. John’s. So perhaps this isn’t an issue on Vanderbilt’s end, and as Justin said, it’s a precautionary measure. We would probably find out pretty quickly if Vanderbilt tried to set up a replacement game or find another event to play in.

If it is, in fact, an issue on Vanderbilt’s end, then the next two games — at SMU on December 8 and vs. North Carolina Central on December 11 — would also presumably be in danger of not happening.