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Postgame Press Conference: Missouri

Welp, it’s about the “Jimmies and Joes.”

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, I don’t need to know much more about Derek Mason’s postgame remarks to the media than that he said this:

So, following a 41-0 loss to Missouri, it is apparently the fault of the players who were recruited and developed by... Derek Mason. Of course, the story of this game was Sarah Fuller, and she took questions from the media after the game as well (and those can be seen on the same video, courtesy of the athletic department) and universally came off as a great interview... but let’s not just gloss over the fact that the head coach, in his seventh year, basically came up with the excuse for his performance that the players are not good enough.

I can’t even any more. This needs to end. There is nothing much to say about the state of the program, really, that is not summed up by the team’s record: 0-8.