Covid Claims Terry Compton

This past Sunday former Commodore great Terry Compton passed away from Covid19 at the age of 67. Some of us were fortunate to have seen him play on great Commodore teams of the early 1970's. A senior on the 1974 SEC championship team along with Jan Van Breda Kolff, Lee Fowler and Bill Ligon, Compton led the team in scoring each of his three years. He was first team ALL SEC twice. Also members of that championship team were three sophomores that would come to be known as the F Troop; Joe Ford, Jeff Fosnes and Butch Feher. They would all become 1,000 point scorers in their own right.

Terry Compton was a prolific outside shooter. Most of his 1,316 points were from long range, many would have been from what today is three point range. He certainly earned the nickname, "The Long Rifle." He was a great Commodore player and his passing is very sad indeed.

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