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Dimitri Moore enters transfer portal

Moore was Vanderbilt’s fourth-leading tackler.

This is fine.

Dimitri Moore had appeared in six games this season and logged 36 tackles, tied for fourth on Vanderbilt’s team. He had a team-leading 99 tackles in 2019 and 84 as a redshirt freshman in 2018, and was a starter both seasons.

Anyway, by my count, Moore is the eighth Vanderbilt player to enter the transfer portal since the start of fall camp, and that’s not counting at least eight known COVID-19 opt-outs (whom Bruno Reagan suspects will not be back with the team.) Oh yeah, and I count eleven players who left the program with eligibility remaining after the 2019 season.

But it’s fine. Everything is fine. No reason to be concerned about any of this. The state of the football program is very good. We won every game this season, by a lot of points!

Anyway, Moore was listed on the depth chart this week so apparently no one knew this was coming. Again, this is fine.