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Vanderbilt to play at Missouri on Saturday

Wait. What?

South Dakota State v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Welcome to the most 2020 thing possible.

To recap, Vanderbilt was originally scheduled to play at Missouri on October 17. That game was postponed due to COVID, initially scheduled to be made up on December 12. Missouri also lost a game against Georgia on November 14, meaning that if the Tigers lost a third game, they would max out at nine games.

So, when Arkansas had to postpone its game with Missouri... well, that happened. So the SEC office rescheduled Vanderbilt-Missouri for this Saturday, and told Tennessee to wait for the inevitable loss to Vanderbilt that would give them a reason to ditch Jeremy Pruitt. Or something like that.

Anyway, we don’t know when we’ll play Tennessee, which also has a makeup game against Texas A&M at some point. No, we still don’t know why we’re playing a Big 12 team at all, but especially not during Rivalry Week. Missouri used to play Kansas on Thanksgiving weekend and I suppose at least in terms of the quality of football being played, this isn’t going to be much different for them.

Anyway, hey look, this will be just like when we used to randomly play Wake Forest on Thanksgiving weekend because the SEC wouldn’t give us Tennessee!