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Vanderbilt, apparently, is not judged on wins and losses

The media’s takes on Vanderbilt athletics unequivocally suck and deserve to be called out.

Group of Clowns Standing Outside a Church

These tweets are, somehow, about a team that is 0-7 this season.

Vanderbilt is “probably staring down 0-10” but “is a really hard job to evaluate.” As long as you compete every week, wins and losses don’t matter. “Say what you will about their record,” but they play hard.

Now, imagine these tweets being written about literally any other Power 5 program in America. You can’t, because at every other program, there would come a point when playing hard every week just isn’t good enough and no member of the college football media would say something as stupid as “but they compete every week!” Instead, we’d be in a cycle of tweets about this being a “scoreboard business.”

(And for the record, anybody who watched the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss game three weeks ago would dispute the notion that this team “competes every week.”)

Meanwhile, just what the fuck is this nonsense?

Is there another program in America where a media member would treat giving up 38 points as a good day for the defense?

Approximately everyone’s visitor’s locker room is a dump because why on earth would you invest real money in something that’s not going to be used by your team, ever. Vanderbilt is roughly the only program that regularly takes crap for the state of its visitors’ locker room, and because bashing the facilities is a thing among Vanderbilt’s own fans, that’s apparently not limited to national media who watch the team maybe once a year:

“Ha ha ha.” (Seriously though, if your reaction to this is not “Dan Mullen can die mad about it,” just what the hell kind of fan are you?)

And lest you think this is limited to football:

Yeah, this isn’t just a football thing.

Listen, since we’re probably going 0-10 and probably going to fire the coach, the awful takes are going to be coming for the next month or so. Brace yourself. Because the media hates Vanderbilt fans and doesn’t think they deserve to expect the team to win a fucking game.