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Freshman Myles Stute looks like a future glue guy

Stute was Jerry Stackhouse’s first signee in the 2020 class.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

By the Numbers

Player PPG RPG APG BPG Rivals (overall) Rivals (position) ESPN (position) 247 (overall) 247 (position)
Player PPG RPG APG BPG Rivals (overall) Rivals (position) ESPN (position) 247 (overall) 247 (position)
Myles Stute 8.7 5.5 1.7 0.6 NR 37 (SF) 31 (PF) 227 45 (SF)

So before you freak out about the high school stats listed, (a) junior year stats were all I could find and (b) Stute’s high school team also had at least three other Division I players, including two who will be playing at Michigan and Butler this season.

That said, what can we say about Jerry Stackhouse’s first signee as Vanderbilt’s head coach? Myles Stute is a 6’7”, 215-pound wing from Gonzaga College Prep in Washington, DC, and strikes me as one of those guys who will in the future be the glue that holds the team together: not a big-time scorer, but a guy who seems to do a lot of things well. And I really don’t know why, but I always like it when I pull up a guy’s mixtape and the first three highlights are all defensive plays:

In short, Stute is an athletic 6’7” guy who’s athletic, plays defense, and can handle both forward spots. Scoring, at this point, might be asking a lot. So how does Stute fit into Vanderbilt’s team in 2020-21? My best guess is that he’s behind D.J. Harvey and Dylan Disu for playing time in the frontcourt, but his versatility should allow him to find a role on this team, similar to what Jordan Wright did last year — albeit with a bit more length and upside.