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Anchor Drop, October 9, 2020: The SEC is very serious about this

The SEC is taking COVID-19 as seriously as it takes court stormings.

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CONGRESS ATHLETE COMPENSATION Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Good morning.

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Oh, the SEC is sending its member schools sternly-worded letters:

The memo states that programs whose coaches, staff or other personnel fail to adhere to the approved task force requirements will be assessed a $100,000 reduction in conference revenue. The amount will increase by $100,000 for each subsequent week of noncompliance.

It sounds like a lot of money, but when the conference revenue distribution check is north of $40 million annually, it’s not that much. Plus there’s this:

Vanderbilt will be fined $100,000 by the SEC for storming the court after Saturday’s win over Kentucky. The next offense will cost the Commodores $250,000, a figure very apparent to athletics director David Williams.

Violate the COVID-19 protocols, and you’ll get a fine as big as you will if your students storm the court. Yep, that’s the SEC for everyone.

Today’s apparently Ja’Veon Marlow Day, with features from both the main site and the Hustler. Also, Derek Mason’s allowing the players to speak openly about social issues, including messages on their uniforms.

The Hustler also has new episodes of the Hustler Sports 30 and VU Sports Wired. Max Herz had Ben Bresnahan on his show.

Like the football team, the soccer team also plays South Carolina this weekend. More from the Hustler.

And, finally, South Carolina blog Garnet and Black Attack had a Q&A with some idiot blogger. (Their responses are coming later today.)

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