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Saturday Predictions: South Carolina at Vanderbilt

Death rabbits? Death rabbits.


The Vanderbilt Commodores, 0-2 on the season, welcome to Nashville the South Carolina Gamecocks, also 0-2 on the season. The more relevant number is 11, the number of consecutive losses that Vanderbilt has endured against South Carolina, one of the most random long losing streaks you could imagine. That streak includes three losses to 11-2 teams, as well as a loss to a 3-9 team that also lost to The Citadel.

So, Vegas has the good guys as a 12.5-point underdog on Saturday. Does Vanderbilt have it in them to end the losing streak and also pick up its first win of the season?

Tom Stephenson

Every year, the South Carolina game looks like a tempting opportunity for Vanderbilt, and this year is no different: the Game Penises are 0-2 (granted, against two teams that are much better than Vanderbilt) and unlike Will Muschamp teams of the past, they appear to have a defense that’s capable of getting torched.

And as per usual, none of this will matter. Vanderbilt is 4-24 against South Carolina since the latter joined the SEC, the same record the Commodores have against Georgia in the same time frame and actually a game worse than against Tennessee, and the Commodores have lost eleven in a row in the series. No, I will not tempt whatever voodoo the Game Penises have over us.

The Pick: South Carolina 24, Vanderbilt 14

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Technically, Mississippi State is an underdog against Kentucky so... sure, why not.

Andrew VU ‘04

I was the only one of the writers to choose the South Cackalacky Game Penises to beat us by two touchdowns in the Pick ‘Em contest. No, I’m not happy about it, either. The Penises suck, but they have the size advantage. They will be hard and fast, and leave none of us satisfied when it’s all over.

Of course, this could all change if a surprise cold front hits Nashville Saturday and they shrink under pressure, or if their moms pop into their heads at the wrong time, and their d-line goes limp.

It will all come down to a battle of interior linemen. If ours hold strong, we might be able to withstand their rush, but if they pound the A-Gap, Seals will have a rough afternoon.

The Pick: South Cackalacky Game Penises 27 - Vanderbilt Commodores 13

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: The Clanga Leach-Pirates will follow last week’s turd with a dominant offensive showing against Big Blue.


Look, I think this looks like a game we could win. Amir Abdur-Rahman is supposed to be full speed after having a nagging injury last week. Keyon Henry-Brooks might be available. Does it matter? It's South Carolina. We are cursed. SC probably kicks a last-second long FG to win.

The PIck: South Carolina 20, Vanderbilt 17

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: It's only 2.5 points, but the Pirate is going to cut through the Blue Mist.

Stan Overby

I’m feeling good going into this one. I don’t think South Carolina’s got it together, and I don’t think that will have changed in a week. Will Muschamp’s seat is super hot but unless Mike Bobo taught those receivers how to catch I don’t expect this game to be a high scoring affair. Also, this is one of two games that if we’re going to get a win, it’s gotta be here.

The Pick: Commodores win outright in a slop fest 17-13.

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Now that the Lane Train is out of Knoxville I can go back to enjoying his extreme shenanigans and this Bama-Ole Miss game is a troll fest. Plus I love that Ole Miss offense. Since the only other game I would consider to be an upset involves THEM, I’m all in on Ole Miss beating Bama this week! (well, at least beating the spread).