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10/6 MLB Playoffs Open Thread

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It’s Walker Buehler Day!

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of the Divisional Series round went past with both lower seeds winning: the Astros came back to beat the A’s, then the Yankees ran up the score on the Rays in the 9th inning.

Today brings four games with the NLDS also starting, and your schedule is below:

1:00 PM CT: Miami Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves (FS1)

The Braves, of course, have Dansby Swanson, and there is your reason to watch. Will they give up a run in this series, though?

3:30 PM CT: Houston Astros vs. Oakland A’s (TBS)

hahahahahahahaha I live for your “trash can bangers” trolling

7:00 PM CT: New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays (TBS)

Yeah, it’s the Evil Empire, meanwhile Tampa Bay is looking to make it two championships in less than a month after the Lightning’s Stanley Cup win. Things are not off to a good start in this series, but there’s no way to lose home-field advantage when you never had it in the first place.

8:30 PM CT: San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (FS1)

Why MLB left a roughly three-and-a-half-hour gap between games (I’m being generous here and assuming the Marlins-Braves game will go four hours) is beyond me. I guess FS1 just had to show (checks TV listings) uh, “Speak for Yourself,” “NASCAR Race Hub,” “Tua,” “Breaking the Huddle,” and “Speak for Yourself,” again. Anyway, Walker Buehler is starting in this one and you should watch.

Also, there’s an NBA Finals game in here somewhere.