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Anchor Drop, October 6, 2020: John Williamson on the Commodore Hour

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Did I do this as an excuse to post Pinman in the header? Yes.

Hail Pinman. Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Professional Bowlers Association

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Last night on the Commodore Hour with Joe Fisher, Joe had on as his guest none other than Vanderbilt bowling coach John Williamson. (Did I lead with this as an excuse to put a picture of Pinman in the header? Well, you can’t prove that I did.) Also on the show: Derek Mason, but that’s obviously just the opening act for the headliner.

Anyway, kind of a slow news day. Vanderbilt went ahead and released the Game Notes for Saturday’s game against the South Carolina Game Penises, which include (on page 7) the depth chart, and I’ve helpfully laid it out on here, because clicks.

Men’s tennis had a good weekend at Auburn.

If you still want to discuss the LSU game from Saturday, And the Valley Shook has you covered. VandySports had Mitch Light on the podcast to talk about the game, and while the title of the podcasts says they’re going to talk about the hot seat, it turns out they’re talking about Will Muschamp and don’t really touch on Derek Mason’s job status. Also from the podcast files yesterday, the Anchor Down podcast, where Max Herz had Bruno Reagan on to talk about the game. Max also teases an open kicking competition, which... yeah, when the kicker is randomly shanking 22-yarders, we might want to try a different one. (Max also incorrectly stated that 22 yards was the shortest field goal he could remember a Vanderbilt kicker missing, which ignores that Ryley Guay missed a 20-yard field goal attempt against Tennessee in 2018, and we mostly bring this up to remind you that Vanderbilt beat Tennessee 38-13 in that game.)

And I’ll just throw out this good article from Myron Medcalf about the realities of low- and mid-major college basketball in a season when buy games are going to be few and far between. Speaking of which, where the hell is our basketball schedule?

(I will be disappointed if the first comment on the Anchor Drop does not ask where the basketball player report cards are.)

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