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10/5 MLB Playoffs Open Thread

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Playoff baseball!

MLB: Wildcard-Chicago White Sox at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Well, what do you know? This is when the “real” playoffs start as we’re down to eight teams — but unlike the normal playoff format, both Central divisions are now gone.

Instead, we’re left with a quartet of intra-divisional matchups, the kind that we’ve already been seeing all year in the weird, COVID-19 influenced MLB schedule. The ALDS starts today and the two best-of-5 series, both played at neutral sites, will run without an off day. The same is true for the NLDS, which starts tomorrow.

So, we’ve got your open thread for two games today, though I’m not about to argue with any of you if you want to make this an open thread for Monday Night Football.

3:00 PM CT: Houston Astros vs. Oakland A’s (TBS)

This features the lone former VandyBoys playing today, though Tony Kemp didn’t appear in the wild card series last week. Neither did Mike Minor, who so far isn’t scheduled to pitch in either Monday or Tuesday’s game. Both are on the A’s roster for this series, however.

As for the Astros, it is my understanding that some of you do not like them.

7:00 PM CT: New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays (TBS)

If you are rooting for the Yankees in this matchup, you are either a native of the tri-state area or you have no soul.