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Vanderbilt’s depth chart for Ole Miss game has some glaring omissions

The Commodores will be without their backup quarterback and their punter.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As the Vanderbilt Commodores return from a COVID-19 imposed two-week absence, with a scheduled game at Missouri having been postponed followed by the team’s scheduled bye week, a look at Vanderbilt’s depth chart (on page 8 of the Game Notes) shows a squad that’s still missing some players.

The actual meat of the depth chart is mostly uninteresting, though we’ll point out here that true freshman Bradley Ashmore is now listed as the starting right tackle — certainly an interesting development, and one that probably would not have happened at any point in 2020 if not for a string of opt-outs along the line prior to the season. Dashaun Jerkins and Donovan Kaufman, who missed the South Carolina game (presumably due to COVID-19 protocols), are listed as the starting safeties, though runningback Ja’Veon Marlow isn’t listed.

The depth situation at quarterback, on the other hand, is interesting. Ken Seals is of course still the starter, but Jeremy Moussa is now listed as the only backup — Mike Wright and Danny Clark are nowhere to be found. And Harrison Smith, the team’s starting punter, also doesn’t appear on the depth chart, with scholarship sophomore Jared Wheatley now listed as the starting punter and — get this — wide receiver Cam Johnson now functioning as the holder on field goal and extra point attempts. Laces out, Cam.