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Friday Open Thread

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In theory, an open thread for the MLB Playoffs. In reality, an open thread for Campbell-Wake Forest.

Campbell v Georgia Southern Photo by Chris Thelen/Getty Images

This week, we have started having daily open threads for the MLB Playoffs, and that’s still happening starting with the Cubs-Marlins game (1:00 PM CT, ABC) and continuing tonight with the Cardinals-Padres (6:00 PM CT, ESPN.)

However, we know our commenters well enough to know what you all are really here for: the Campbell Fighting Camels taking on Wake Forest (6:00 PM CT, ACC Network.)

There is also Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers (8:00 PM CT, ABC), and also probably a bunch of soccer games and golf that you can find somewhere. And, of course, Louisiana Tech-BYU later tonight (8:00 PM CT, ESPN2.) Hell, there are high school football games from Missouri on ESPN3 tonight.

I guess what I’m saying is turn this into an open thread for whatever you want. Saturday Predictions and Lessons in Vanderbilt Football are coming up later.