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Anchor Drop, October 2, 2020: Retro Helmets Are Here

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Oh, you better believe we’re talking about this.

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

All right, these are cool.

But seriously, we should just go full 1982 here.

And to think, somebody thought Vanderbilt should wear grey.

Okay, moving on. The Hustler also broke down film of last Saturday’s loss to Texas A&M (DotP has Lessons coming later today.) The Baton Rouge Advocate asks how LSU beats Vanderbilt. (Yes, yes, we know.)

Bowling is still uncertain about the start of the season (Pinman disapproves) and soccer is at Missourah tomorrow. Seriously, I thought they were only playing SEC games?

And in a Where Are They Now?, here’s a story on former Vanderbilt WR Donaven Tennyson, who’s now at Richmond as a graduate transfer.

Actual Sports on TV

All times Central.