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Saturday Predictions: LSU at Vanderbilt

Are our writers any more confident in Vanderbilt after last Saturday’s performance?

Well, last week, to show you how much our writers know, basically all of us picked Vanderbilt to get blown out by Texas A&M, and... instead Vanderbilt kept it within one score in a 17-12 loss.

This week, Vanderbilt faces the coach who likes to fight state troopers...

...and sell Hummers to unsuspecting Mississippians.

In other words, I predict somebody may well get murdered if the score is that close this week. So have our writers gained any more confidence in the Commodores after last week’s performance? Let’s ask them!

Tom Stephenson

Projecting anything off Week 1 games is always hard. Is Texas A&M actually good? Nobody is really sure, and the answer to that should inform you as to whether Vanderbilt’s close call against them is a reflection on the Commodores or the Aggies. Interestingly, most people outside the Vanderbilt fan base seem to think it’s the latter, and if so, you can probably justify your continued pessimism of Vanderbilt’s football team.

What about Mississippi State, though? Even in the Bulldogs’ good years, they normally don’t go into Baton Rouge and win. It is possible, based on what we saw on Saturday from Myles Brennan, that Vanderbilt actually has the better quarterback in this matchup. But then again, that offense still scored 10 points at Texas A&M.

My thought is that even if you don’t think that much of Brennan, Vanderbilt probably doesn’t have enough offensive punch to win this game — unless, of course, LSU’s offense really hits the skids. They probably won’t.

The Pick: LSU 35, Vanderbilt 17

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Ah, hell, give me Missouri (+11.5) over THEM, because fuck ‘em, that’s why.

Andrew VU ‘04

Am I more confident in this team after last week’s performance against aTm? Of course. Are we beating Yellow Shoe? No.

I fully get that the Gumbo Bengals looked kind of shitty against the Clanga Leach-Pirates. Their QB looked meh. Their defense looked young and confused.

Still, the ‘crootin gap between these two teams is otherworldly, and they will have the size and speed advantage. Unless DACOACHO doesn’t run DABALLO, and thinks Brennan can replicate a Burrow style game plan, they should be able to take us.

Should beat the spread, though.

The Pick: LSU 27 - Vanderbilt 13

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Them War Tigers gone stomp on Them Dawgs with a hobnail boot!


How ungunked is the Sunshine Pump? Andrew thinks we'll be within 2 scores of a highly ranked team. Hell, I did not even have to do the ungunking. Ken Seals, Todd Fitch, the OL, Ted Roof, and the DL did it for me. They made optimism easy, even if most of it is for the future.

LSU's defensive horror show against Clanga also leaves room for hope. I think the newness of the offense though will lead to a couple issues like the first interception. Those miscues will be the difference.

The Pick: LSU 31, Vanderbilt 20

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Auburn (+6) at Georgia. #BoKnows

Stan Overby

I think LSU’s loss to Mississippi State says more about Mississippi State than it does about LSU, and I don’t think Brennan is a bad QB. I also think LSU has a good stable of running backs and that our run defense is not the stoutest. Finally, and this is completely based on years and years of false expectations, I just don’t believe that Vanderbilt offensively is in the same league as LSU defensively, even though I can absolutely acknowledge the positive returns against A&M. I hope to be disappointed.

The Pick: LSU 41, Vandy 14

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Mizzourah!!!!