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MLB Dores in the Pros Game Thread: NLCS Game Seven

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Walker Buehler was lights out and the Dodgers forced Game 7. Swanson and the Barves look to answer back.

National League Championship Series Game 6: Atlanta Braves v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Kelly Gavin/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Today’s Games

Atlanta Barves vs. Los Angeles Trolley Dodgers—7:15pm CT FOX

Walker “The Iron Man” Buehler kept the Dodgers’ hopes alive, as he threw 6 IP scoreless in a Game 6 win. His game was best summed up by this tweet following the 2nd inning:

Though Dansby the Mansby went 3-3 off his former roommate, the Barves never challenged Buehler again. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts tried to give them a chance, as he did his best Gabe Kapler impersonation by pulling Walker at 89 pitches. The first reliever, Treinen, gave up 2 H and 1 R, but Baez and Jansen got through the 8th and 9th unscathed

Today, the Barves give the ball to former Vandy commit that never was Ian Anderson. As of writing this post (1pm CT), the Trolley Dodgers have not announced their starting pitcher.

Will the young gun be able to hold off the Dodgers’ all-world lineup? Who will LA turn to on the mound, as Clayton Kershaw’s back has all but certainly kept him out of commission?

See you tonight for Game 7.