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MLB Dores in the Pros Game Thread: Buehler Tries to Force Game Seven

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Dansby Swanson stands in his way. Trashcan Bangers vs. Devil Rays in Game 7 of the ALCS, as well.

Dodgers and Braves in game one of the NLCS at Globe Life Field Robert Gauthier/ Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Today’s Games

Atlanta Barves vs. Los Angeles Trolley Dodgers—3:38pm CT FS1

Fitting on Black & Gold Series Weekend that the NLCS would feature some Dore on Dore action. Dansby and the Barves have the 3-2 series lead, and will earn a trip to the National Grammar Rodeo (in Canada) World Series if Max Fried can continue his 2020 dominance for one more game. As such, the Trolley Dodgers turn to Walker “The Iron Man” Buehler as the best hope to extend their season.

Houston Trashcan Bangers vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays—7:37pm CT TBS

The Devil Rays had a three games to none lead in the ALCS on Tuesday night. Then Dusty Baker started banging that trashcan. Game 7 action tonight, ladies. Root for the Rays—not because the bangers banged trashcans, but because they traded Tony Kemp for no reason. No Dores in this house, but the Ghost of Kemp-mas Past is going to haunt the Bangers. Yes, I’m currently wearing my “Kempin’ Ain’t Easy” t-shirt.

Houston turns to Lance “Carson” McCullers, Jr. Tampa counters with Charlie “Salt” Morton.

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