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How Not to Wear a Mask to Prevent COVID-19 Infection

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Leave it to the school to the east to not figure this out.

Pretty sure that’s not how you’re supposed to wear it.

In the middle of a global pandemic, on a day when (we’re assuming) multiple Vanderbilt Commodores football players were out due to COVID-19 protocols, everybody should be wearing a face covering out in public. It’s not too difficult to figure this out; in fact, there are guidelines on how to wear one properly — covering the mouth and nose like so:

Yeah. Pretty much. But apparently if you’re the football coach at the University of Tennessee, well, these things can be difficult to figure out.

While we can’t currently make fun of Tennessee’s football team, we can definitely make fun of their coach for his inability to understand this concept. Seriously, the mask is covering everything except for the things it’s supposed to cover in order to stop virus transmission. We would make light of the academics at the University of Tennessee, but in a global pandemic, that would probably be crass.