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Anchor Drop, October 1, 2020: The best defensive line in the country?

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Lol no, but let’s talk about the Pro Football Focus rating.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Texas A&M Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

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Okay, so, let’s talk about this thing that’s been making the rounds on these here interwebs all week, because is:

No, I don’t know what goes into that rating, either, but “highest-graded defensive line in the country last week” sounds good, so let’s go with it! The thing is, as I wrote in the preseason mailbag, Vanderbilt’s defensive line was actually the position group I had the most confidence in going into the season. Dayo Odeyingbo is a legitimate star, and then there are all sorts of interesting prospects on the line to the point that a guy like Rutger Reitmaier was barely seen on Saturday night. So yeah, this is somewhat real, though probably not “best in the country” good.

Or it could be. I don’t know.

The Hustler talked to the LSU student newspaper’s sports editor. Meanwhile, And the Valley Shook talked to some idiot Vanderbilt blogger. Also in the Hustler: three matchups to watch and their weekly power rankings in which Vanderbilt is Not Last. Thank God for Arkansas is no longer a thing only said by Memphians.

Adam Sparks and Mike Organ have a new edition of the Breaking Down the Dores podcast, while VandySports had Chris Lee and Seabass discussing the thing we already went over on Monday.

I missed this yesterday, but Will Perdue is mad at Vanderbilt.

And finally, an interview with soccer player Blue Ellis.

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