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Friday Night Open Thread

Your work week is over, so have a drink.

Old fashioned glass with whisky on the rocks served... Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

Vanderbilt may well have dodged a bullet by not moving its football team to the new Nashville SC stadium.

Why? Because that’s become a bit of a boondoggle, a fight between team owner (and Vanderbilt megabooster) John Ingram and Mayor John Cooper. Steve Cavendish at the Nashville Scene has the full breakdown. It seems likely that both sides will come to an agreement and the stadium will get built, but there remains a possibility that it doesn’t, and that might mean the team moves; because, after all, MLS only awarded Nashville a team on the promise that Nashville would build them a soccer-specific stadium. (Which might have precluded Vanderbilt from playing there anyway, seeing how a college football team playing at the stadium would make it not soccer-specific.)

Anyway, here’s your open thread for Friday. The SEC Network is showing gymnastics (because, sure, why not.) ESPN has a couple of NBA games: Mavericks-Rockets at 6:30, followed by Blazers-Lakers at 9. There’s also some college basketball on tonight — mostly smaller conference games on ESPN+. And I’m watching golf.

What say all of you?