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Anchor Drop, January 30, 2020: Lady Vocokyteps in Town. OO.

Yep, we used the term “Lady Vocokyteps.”

Good morning.

The Vanderbilt women’s basketball team returns to action tonight as they welcome the Tennessee Lady Vocokyteps (yep, just used that phrase) to Memorial Gym for an 8:00 PM CT tip on the SEC Network. Vanderbilt beat Tennessee in the last meeting, which is always worth noting.

Vanderbilt fell short in Rupp Arena last night, though it was a solid effort from a young team that nonetheless lost its 25th SEC game in a row. That latter part occasioned this piece from Chris Lee at VandySports on how things got to this point. I generally like Chris, though I’d personally have hit publish on this kind of thing after the South Carolina game on Saturday (where the team really did play poorly, and which tied the record anyway, and broke the record if you count SEC tournament games) rather than after last night’s game (which was a good effort, and who the hell was expecting this team to win in Rupp Arena?) The other issue I have is that while the criticisms of Vanderbilt are mostly fair, the complaint about it being next to impossible to get in graduate transfers reads like it was written by Bryce Drew, who actually somehow ducks any responsibility for the current state of Vanderbilt basketball in the piece. There’s also a weird shot at Vanderbilt for giving the faculty a say in the strategic plan. I mean, okay?

What it really comes down to is this: no, Vanderbilt is not Alabama and it’s not going to be Alabama in terms of anything relating to athletics.

(I mean, but yes, this is a Code Red for Vanderbilt basketball — but it was already a Code Red after the team went 0-18.)

Meanwhile — hey, ESPN, why is your blue-checked “Senior Manager, Social Media” allowed to put “Vols” on his Twitter bio and tweet out Vol Twitter trash like this?

ICYMI: Former Ohio State DL Alex Williams will transfer to Vanderbilt.

And finally, Jay Cutler claimed that he had no idea where Vanderbilt was before he went there. I don’t have any reason to doubt the truth of this statement.