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Anchor Drop, January 16, 2020: Another Loss

Vanderbilt’s SEC losing streak is now at 21 games.

Vanderbilt v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Good morning.

The Vanderbilt basketball team lost 75-55 to Arkansas on Wednesday night. Vanderbilt’s last SEC win came on March 3, 2018. Since then, the Commodores have lost 21 consecutive regular-season SEC games (and 23 straight if you count first-round SEC Tournament losses in 2018 and 2019.)

What’s the record, though? In 1969 and 1970, Alabama lost 22 consecutive SEC games — losing their last 15 games of the 1968-69 season, then starting the 1969-70 season with seven SEC losses in a row. Sewanee lost at least 22 in a row from 1938-40; they went 0-9 in the SEC in 1939 and 0-13 in 1940, but I can’t find their 1937-38 schedule to tell you how long that losing streak really was. Sewanee, of course, ended that losing streak by leaving the SEC entirely, a sin for which we will never forgive them. (And they call us “the heathens.”)

Anyway, when I’m putting our basketball program alongside Sewanee, things are bad. Now it would be, of course, extremely hilarious if we ended the losing streak on Saturday against God Ssee Vocokyteps. OO. I am almost certain that Vol Twitter would take “Vanderbilt ends a 21-game SEC losing streak against us” very well.

On to happier news, tickets are now on sale for the MLB4 College Baseball Tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona, next month. Yes, baseball season is only a few weeks away. This will all be over soon.

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