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Anchor Drop, January 10, 2020: Bowling Is Back

Also, women’s basketball has won as many SEC games as it did all last year.

Hail Pinman.
He will devour your soul.
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Professional Bowlers Association

Good morning.

You know what it means when you see Pinman at the top of the page, don’t you? That’s right: Vanderbilt women’s bowling is back from break. The Commodores will be competing in the Stormin’ Blue & Gold Vegas Classic in, well, Vegas, but being hosted by Mount St. Mary’s (which is in, uh, Maryland) starting today and running through Sunday. Things will get started at 12:55 PM CT. Unlike usual, Vanderbilt won’t be live streaming this itself; instead, live streaming is handled by (which I’m fairly sure is associated with FloSports which means you have to pay for it; sorry, I don’t make the rules.)

Women’s basketball beat Georgia 63-55 on Thursday night behind 22 points and 7 rebounds by freshman Koi Love. Vanderbilt is now 12-4, and 2-1 in SEC play after going 2-14 last year. I admit that I was skeptical about retaining Stephanie White last spring and yet that’s actually turned out to be a good decision. (Meanwhile, have a look at what the men’s team is doing this year with better coaching than it got last year.)

Men’s tennis opens the spring season today in Murfreesboro at the Coach LaLance Invitational, where they’ll face Belmont and Memphis. They’ll begin competition at 1 PM today.

Chris Lee at VandySports did two podcasts yesterday, one with Tim Thompson and another with Aaron Fitt. (Your reminder that baseball season is five weeks away.)