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Around the League: Week 4

SEC play has started, and Arkansas takes a bad loss.

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt may have lost 66-38 on Saturday, but that was hardly the most embarrassing loss by an SEC team this weekend. Meanwhile, everybody in the conference has now played at least one SEC game. To the recaps!

Alabama 49, Southern Miss 7

Oh, you know, just a routine blowout with Tua Tagovailoa throwing for 293 yards and five touchdowns. Nothing to see here.

Florida 34, Tennessee 3

Jarrett Guarantano went 10-for-17 for 107 yards with two interceptions, and for a time got benched for true freshman Brian Maurer, who promptly showed Vol fans why Jarrett Guarantano is their starting quarterback. Anyway, Tennessee is clearly awful but you have to get to 1990s Vanderbilt levels before we stop thinking this is funny.

Cal 28, Ole Miss 20

Ole Miss got screwed in a way that referees usually only reserve for Vanderbilt, but that screwing comes with the caveats that one, the Rebels put themselves in that position with poor clock management, and two, they would have had to convert a two-point conversion just to send the game to overtime. Meanwhile Cal is 4-0 and is somehow the Pac-12’s best hope for the Playoff.

Auburn 28, Texas A&M 20

I was on the Sneaky Good Podcast with Poseur last week and he said he thought Texas A&M was overrated. The final score actually makes this look better than it really was; Auburn led 21-3 at the end of the third quarter and the Aggies closed that in the fourth to make this look respectable.

Mississippi State 28, Kentucky 13

It turns out that Mississippi State’s true freshman QB Garrett Shrader is actually pretty good: he threw for 180 yards and ran for 125 more. This was 21-3 at halftime and Kentucky was never really in this.

Missouri 34, South Carolina 14

With Missouri up 24-14 in the third quarter, Ronnell Perkins had a 100-yard interception return touchdown that basically closed the door on the Gamecocks, who are now 1-3. Yes, those losses are to North Carolina, Alabama, and Missouri; on the other hand, things are actually going to get more difficult now.

San Jose State 31, Arkansas 24

To put this in context, San Jose State lost to Tulsa 34-16 two weeks ago. Arkansas is bad. Like, criminally bad.

Georgia 23, Notre Dame 17

On the one hand, it’s hard to complain much about beating a Top 10 team, regardless of whether you thought Notre Dame is actually that good. On the other hand, Georgia’s offense didn’t have a great performance here. Is this team really good enough to challenge Alabama? Are you really that sure they’ll get through the regular season without a loss?