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Anchor Drop, September 19, 2019: The Gerry DiNardo Bowl

This game needs a name, after all.

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Good morning.

The Vanderbilt Hustler and the LSU Reveille (that’s the LSU student newspaper) have traded Q&A’s like they’re SB Nation bloggers. Speaking of that, ATVS posted a Q&A they did with us. (I will also be appearing on their podcast this week, whenever that gets uploaded.)

New podcasts from the Tennessean and VandySports.

Also, only for subscribers, the Tennessean ponders what would have happened if Gerry DiNardo had never left Vanderbilt for LSU.

At the Hustler, Jake Schwartz goes over the keys to the game, and they also have their SEC power rankings, complete with Tennessee in its rightful place (14th.)

Off the West End

Here’s Banner Society, explaining what a “Blood Week” is.

Chris Low has a recap of Lane Kiffin’s one year in Knoxville a decade ago. Personally, my favorite part is the part where Kiffin pulled an Ol’ Bald Poach on the way out the door.

From SI: “Does UCF have a legitimate shot at the Playoff?” (LOL no)

Apparently HBO’s College Football version of Hard Knocks will feature Arizona State, Florida (boo), Penn State (boooooo), and Washington State (yay!)

Another state is trying to outlaw amateurism. I get the sense these are mostly publicity stunts that will be smacked down by the courts.


MLB: Cardinals 5, Nationals 1 ... Mets 7, Rockies 4 ... A’s 1, Royals 0 ... Diamondbacks 5, Marlins 4 ... Angels 3, Yankees 2 ... Mariners 4, Pirates 1 ... Blue Jays 11, Orioles 10 ... Indians 2, Tigers 1 ... Giants 11, Red Sox 3 ... Phillies 4, Braves 1 ... Padres 2, Brewers 1 ... White Sox 3, Twins 1 ... Reds 3, Cubs 2 ... Rays 8, Dodgers 7 ... Astros 3, Rangers 2.

And tonight: the Titans face the Jaguars, but more importantly, there’s a football game involving an SEC team when Tulane hosts Houston.