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Beer Goggles: LSU

When it comes to LSU, more beer, not less beer. That’s our Motto.

LSU v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Opponent: Louisiana State University Tigers

Brewery: Tin Roof Brewing Co. ; Southern Craft Brewing Co.

Beer: Voodoo APA, Santeria Imperial IPA, Hyla IPA

ABV and IPUs: Voodoo- 5%, 20; Santeria- 8.8%, 25; Hyla- 6%, 50.

Choosing the best beer in Baton Rogue is like choosing the best music in Nashville. It’s ubiquitous to the culture, it is celebrated, and there is a lot of good options. It is impossible to find one beer to capture the nature of this team and this game. Plus, with LSU coming to town, and their enormous consumption of alcohol to support our baseball program, I went with a combo of beers.

Voodoo is an American Pale Ale, the kind of name that celebrates both Louisiana and the distinct American game of football. It’s a subset of an APA that is “Juicy and Hazy,” which might describe a weekend in Baton Rogue. But it lacks bitterness and bite that this year’s team will deliver.

Tin Roof Brewing Co. doubled down on Voodoo with an Imperial IPA Santeria. The ABV is upped to 8.8%, and usually, that alone would make it the pick. It’s dark, like the night games that LSU is known for. But it still lacks the fight that reminds me of this team. Let me tell you, if I’m going to drink 8.8%, I want it to be difficult- angry even.

The Hyla by Sothern Craft is named after the Hyla Cinera, a local tree frog native to Lower LA. The beer is tropical, hoppy, and a limited release- a lot like the Tiger’s play this year. The description finishes with “[the Hyla] frequents the nights and sings to his heart’s content. In the same way, we think his namesake beer will sing to you,” much like LSU fans singing Tiger Rag, Chinese Bandits, and Neck.

Since this game is in Nashville and not Baton Rogue, the best way to get a modicum of the Tiger experience, partake in all three of these beers.*

As for Vandy’s chance at winning? Look, all they have to do is lock down two NFL receivers, out scheme an NFL passing coordinator, and destroy a vaunted defense. If you don’t think that can’t happen, well, then have another beer.

*results not guaranteed