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Beer Goggles: Bye Week

My advice to you, start drink heavily

Real Ale Enthusiasts Flock To The CAMRA Great British Beer Festival Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

0-2 giving up 36 points per game in the first two, ten more than last year’s average, is no way to go through life. Listen, I was high on this team. I thought the trio of elite skill players, and an experienced starting QB would be enough to give this offense a spark; that the defense would be solid on the DL and the secondary youthfully talented; that an overrated division could lead to a third (or even second!) place finish. I was wrong.

There are flashes, but the preponderance of the evidence shows it could be a really long season of frustrating, undisciplined ball. My advice to you? Start drink heavily.

Being that it’s the bye week, I have chosen several beers from Nashville for you to drown your sorrows.

Bearwalker Brown Ale, Jackalope Brewing Co.

This 5.0% ABV maple sweet, heavy brown ale is delicious. It’s my favorite Nashville beer. It’s the kind of beer you’re gonna want to drink on cold, cold Nashville Saturdays as you are looking for warmth- or just an extra layer of fat.

Guy Fawkes Brown Ale, Black Abbey Brewing.

I know, I know, another brown ale, but hear me out. It’s a blend of a English malts and American hops with the all the feistiness of Guy Fawkes himself. Listen November 5 falls between USCe and UF. We’re gonna wanna blow something up by that point.

Hop Perfect IPA, Yazoo Brewing.

Bright, Citrusy, Quenching. This is the perfect beer for the rest of the season. You want to partake in it, and it scratches the itch at 6.2% ABV but it’s bitter and for some reason you’ll keep coming back for more.

Rompo Red, Jackalope Brewing Co.

I love red ales, but this one brings the twist by adding Rye to the recipe. If you think you’ll be seeing red for much of the season, this is the one for you. Extra points for being 5.6% ABV.

Knockout IPA, Fat Bottom Brewing.

TBH, this was chosen solely on marketing. I mean, “Fat Bottom” just makes me giggle. “Knockout” is more of a prediction than it is a beer name. This IPA also has the most IBU’s of any of our selections with 80. While I enjoy the above breweries’ line ups more, my absolute favorite thing about Fat Bottom that has it stand out against other Nashville breweries is that all their beers are tall boys. Bottoms up!

Chime in bellow with your favorites. I’m sure I’ve missed some.