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Beer Goggles: UGA

Creature Comforts: New, Successful, and Remarkably Like the Established Brand

A reveler wears his homemade beer can go... Photo credit should read ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images

Welcome to Beer Goggles, where each week, I will preview Vanderbilt’s opponent via the lens of beer from said opponent’s home town. Then I will explain why Vanderbilt can will win. Two drink minimum activated!

Opponent: Georgia Bulldogs

Brewery: Creature Comforts

Beer: Reclaimed Rye, a Rye Amber aged on French Oak

ABV and IBU: 5.5%, 25

You may have assumed I should have chosen Terrapin Beer Co. since it is the flagship brewery of Athens, GA. But, Creature Comforts is more akin to Kirby Smart era. It is newer, has produced some great results, and seems to be following the template laid out by the previous era- both Richt and Smart won 8, 13, and 11 games in their first three seasons, and one conference championship in their second year.

Much like Terrapin, Creature Comforts has made a name for itself in Athens and Georgia at large. It is dependable and overwhelmingly good. The Reclaimed Rye is perfect for this year’s Georgia team as it seeks to reclaim a past but eschews the bitterness of the actual past in favor of a smoother Reddish Amber hue. As the website says, it is a, “well-rounded body, laced with undertones of toasted bread, spice, and subtle vanilla.”

As I said in the offensive preview, the Dawgs have some great offensive linemen and a very good QB. But they don’t have an OC who has proven he can put points on the board. Four of his six seasons as an OC, his teams averaged under 30 points per game.

The UGA defense may be nasty, but do we really think they can cover each of the big three on Vandy’s offense? Additionally, they don’t know who is starting at QB for the Commodores. Exactly! Keeping them on their toes (paws?).

Recency bias is the strongest bias in the sporting world, and past results do not predict future events. Maybe the Dawgs are really good, or maybe, just like in Richt’s fourth season, Kirby, his shaky offense, and uncertain defense will drop a game they shouldn’t lose in the state of Tennessee.

Prediction: Black and Gold over Red and Black, 30-27