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Anchor Drop, August 27, 2019: 4 Days to Kickoff

Derek Mason’s first press conference of the season is today at noon.

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Mississippi v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning.

We are just four days away from Vanderbilt football’s season opener against the Georgia Bulldogs. #4 for Vanderbilt is defensive back Randall Haynie. The 6’0”, 185-pound redshirt sophomore from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, played in all 13 games last season and had one interception along with four passes defensed. He might be in line to take over one of the starting spots at cornerback this season.

Maria Bulanova finished 46th in a field of 176 during the singles competition at the World Championships on Monday. Pinman approves.

Derek Mason’s first press conference of the season is today at noon CT. We will, of course, have a report. Mason also had his first call-in show of the season last night, and he’s sticking to his story that he won’t tell us who his starting QB is. There is a 99% chance the depth chart released today will have an “OR” designation at QB, and the 1% is the chance he doesn’t release a depth chart at all.

At the Hustler, Simon Gibbs wrote about new defensive back DC Williams, who transferred to Vanderbilt from “Last Chance U” (a.k.a. Independence Community College.)

In podcast world, has a new podcast out with Vanderbilt sideline reporter Mitch Light. There is also a new episode of Max Herz’s Anchor Down podcast.

Meanwhile, Dawg Sports wrote about why they hate us. Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia likes the tough opener.

In unrelated news, BTN Tailgate (the Big Ten version of SEC Nation, for those unfamiliar) will be at the Vanderbilt-Purdue game on September 7. Did you know that former Vanderbilt coach Gerry DiNardo is on that show?

Off the West End

People are taking seriously the idea that Jalen Hurts could win the Heisman. I mean, why did Saban pick Tua over him then?

The former Penn State team doctor has sued James Franklin (among others) on allegations that he felt pressured to declare players healthy enough to play when they actually weren’t. Um, no comment on this one.

Urban Meyer feels confident about his retirement decision. Sure.

From The Athletic ($): The eight most important storylines of College Football’s Week 1 ... State of the Hoops Program: Virginia Tech.


MLB: Rockies 3, Braves 1 ... Phillies 6, Pirates 5 ... Cardinals 12, Brewers 2 ... Reds 6, Marlins 3 ... A’s 19, Royals 4 ... Diamondbacks 6, Giants 4 ... Yankees 5, Mariners 4 ... Padres 4, Dodgers 3.