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2019 AoG Staff Pick’em Week 0

We are so degenerate that even when we are too scared to put real money on games we have to see how it would have gone if we did make a bet.

NCAA Football: Miami at Louisiana State
We all know who Michael Irvin is taking today, and he is REALLY ready for college football to be back.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

VandyTigerPhD brought this back last year. This season, I am stepping in to coordinate the Anchor of Gold staff’s hilariously bad attempts to beat Vegas without risking any money. I think this is my punishment for winning* last season. Things are staying basically the same, though the faces are a little different. However, for the new folks and those who had to drink their way through basketball season (aka all of us), we need to go over the rules in full.

The Rules

  1. All SEC games against FBS competition will be picked. FCS games are excluded since lines are often not available until very late in the week or even the morning of the game.
  2. One other game, typically a matchup of Top 25 teams, will be part of the picks.
  3. The picks will be made AGAINST THE SPREAD. Too many games are easy to pick heads up. Also, this will serve as a PSA for why you should not get into sports gambling if Tennessee (or wherever you reside) makes it legal.
  4. The lines will be taken from ESPN sometime Monday, so they may not match what is listed at the time this article is published.

The Picks

GAME DotP Shawn Tom VU04 CDA
Miami (+7)
centered image centered image centered image centered image centered image
Arizona (-11)
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*The actual final results were never released, and I did not go back to compare the Week 12 picks to what happened. I was leading going into Week 12 though.