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Watch Kristen Denk Compete for the Pole Vault National Title

ESPN3 is Carrying the Women’s Pole Vault Tonight at 7:30

Track & Field: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re jonesing for some Vanderbilt sports before the Super Regionals, tune into ESPN3 tonight at 7:30 to watch Kristen Denk compete for a pole vault national title. It’s free even if you don’t have a cable subscription.

Unlike most broadcast Track and Field, this event will not be recorded, edited, and packaged for highlights between live races. Pole Vault can take a while, but there is a pleasant ebb and flow every 90 seconds. Plus you can make some side bets on whether the bar stays up.

Denk is the ninth vaulter on the list. They’ll go five alive, which means they pod vaulters 1-5 together. If the first vaulters makes it, they bring the sixth vaulter into rotation, and so on and so forth. But if a vaulter doesn’t clear the bar she will move to the bottom of the five person rotation so she does not have to wait 24 people to vault again.

Watch Here